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Autor1 Ferrer, Luciana Maria
2 Rodriguéz, Daniel Andres
Afiliação1 Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (INPE)
2 Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (INPE)
Endereço de e-Mail do Autor1 luciana.ferrer@inpe.br
TítuloEnvironmental Indicators of Impact on Environmental Services by the Sand Extraction in the Paraíba do Sul River Basin (SP)
Nome do EventoESP Regional Conference Latin America
Data22-26 oct.
Localização do EventoCampinas, SP
Palavras-Chaveenvironmental indicators, sand digging, mine closure, environmental services.
ResumoThe first sand mining companies in the Paraíba do Sul River Valley settled in 1949 to meet the demand for expansion and urban development in the metropolitan region of São Paulo, as well as local consumption. Sand is a mineral resource of direct employment in civil construction and abundant in the Sedimentary Basin of Taubaté. Once started in Jacareí, the extraction areas has been migrating downstream and today they have reached the municipality of Pindamonhangaba. Nowadays, approximately 70% of the mines are in the closing phase, implementing the Recovery Plans for Degraded Areas - PRAD (Decree 97.632 / 1989), except for occasional extensions of some of the projects. Many miners have adjusted their mines to environmental legislation in a reactive way since the first environmental supervisory was implemented 19 years later. This mismatch between publication of the legislation and installation of the sand digging had an impact on environmental planning, studies of the loss of ecosystem services and on the promotion of the sustainable development of the region, mainly because the difficulties in assessing the history of the exploitation of sand diggers until its deactivation, considering the social and economic structures present in the Paraíba do Sul River Basin. Regeneration is a long process, once the affected ecosystems lose biodiversity, their ecosystem services and a large part of their functions. A diagnosis analysis of the sand mining of the Paraíba do Sul River Basin (Resolution SMA no. 28/99), classifying environmental and land use variables, integrated to the PRAD's proposals of the mines, allows to compose an indicator to typify a standard of closure of the sand mining, proposing integrated measures among the municipalities in the restoration of ecosystem services, in the section of the Paraíba do Sul River Basin.
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